The optional fork in the road

We are scared of change. The unknown is almost like the two minutes you have to wait for a pregnancy test. You know full well what you want the outcome to be but fate isn’t always on our side. Sometimes you get one more line than you wanted to make your life spin out of control, just like when life gives you that one more shove to make you go back to what you’ve always known. The outcomes are opposite but, you get what I mean.

We can follow where fate brings us, or we can fight it with all of our might. In the end though we all come to the fork in the road where no matter which fork we take, we will get what we deserve. Fate is a powerful force and undoubtedly inevitable in my mind. We can make small changes but we will always come to where fate brings us because of the actions we choose.

My life has bared witness to more heartache than needed. But I earned every one of those heartaches because of my own actions. My actions were pure in the beginning. But due to something or someone in my life, I’ve made the same mistakes time and time again. Heartache is inevitable, just like fate, because of my actions. Something small can be changed to avoid all of this again. That’s all on me.

I hope that one day I will figure out why it is that a person so passionate about love can take it for granted so carelessly. Until then, my fork in the road is a career or love. I cannot have both due to my carelessness. I choose love every time. But this love is no longer guaranteed. A change must be made and I hope fate will allow me to make it, either in my actions or my path (the former will have to be made either way). I will also learn to not be so careless with another person’s heart along the way. Mine hasn’t been cared for properly, almost ever. It’s not my place to be careless with another’s.

Always remember the Golden Rule.


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