Appreciation, Admiration, Respect

I’m very passionate about love. If there were a world where Valentine’s Day was every day, I would be in first class celebrating with champagne on the first spaceship there.
Sometimes we can get blinded inside the things that we’re passionate about. We can lose sight of what made them so beautiful in the first place. We can sometimes take them for granted.

Reasons why I love the person I’m in love with:
1. He’s himself

The reasons why I love him don’t require a long list. He is who he is and I love it.
Love is not perfect. It isn’t the Aladdin and Jasmine carpet ride through the skies of Egypt. It’s a series of give and takes over and over again (sometimes numerous times on the same subject). Love should be effortless after countless efforts are made to make it that way.
I lost sight recently of how great the give and take process is in love. It’s a great process because of the end result; appreciation, admiration, and respect.


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