Don’t Let an Exam Score Define you

We are taught to follow society and then fail because of society.
Our bright and creative minds are stomped into the ground by standardized tests and how life is “supposed to be”.
We are told to follow and not lead.

I remember working my hardest my senior year of high school because I wanted my picture in the hall of “Academic Honors”. My senior year I also had to take a difficult math class. I received straight A’s second semester senior year in every class but that math class. In that math class I received a D. I received a D even though I was in the teacher’s homeroom EVERY SINGLE DAY working out problems to try to just pass by with C.

I was a bright and leading student who happened to not be the best at math and who also didn’t receive academic honors in my high school graduation because of ONE grade. Does this make me less intelligent? No, the answer is no it does not.
But that’s not what that wall says. That’s not what the absence of an academic honors cord says in all of my graduation pictures.

Why do you think we all have limitless imaginations until we become older and become aware of the world around us?
Stop following what your parents, or teachers, or even friends say you should do. You have known all along that there is something wrong in the world, stop ignoring that fact.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let an Exam Score Define you

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