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Have you got any idea on how  to market with twitter?

For bloggers and social media marketers who would like to achieve success with tweets and social networking, there are factors you should consider.

These variables will act as the bedrock for successful planning, clear organization and increasing sales.

It would also be advantageous to Facebook marketing, LinkedIn advertising, Pinterest marketing etc.

I have five strategies that are wonderful to share with you. I’m certain social media marketing enterprises and your tweets would be blissful, henceforth.

Remain concentrated

The issue with social media marketing for most people is that they are not concentrated. You see bloggers tweeting about different issues on a daily basis.

Today, bloggers would tweet about email marketing and tomorrow, only because Google released Penguin, they decided to tweet about it with buffs.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with keeping followers of recent trends, but make certain it’s significant…

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Spotify: Why It’s Been So Successful and What it Needs to do Next

I enjoyed my time with Spotify

Music Industry Blog

I first spoke to the guys at Spotify a good few months ago and I have to confess to thinking at the time that they were just another digital music start-up.In fact, it was worse than that, I thought they were potentially another doomed digital music start-up if they didn’t revise their strategy.

On the face of it Spotify doesn’t actually have that much to offer.The discovery, programming and community features are next to non-existent in comparison to the feature rich functionality that the current next-wave of digital music services such as imeem, Pandora, Last.FM and Comes With Music are offering.Added to that the core of the business model seemed to be a 9.99 monthly subscription for non-portable streaming music rentals (with an ad supported layer that appeared to be a customer acquisition tool).In short, it was the increasingly defunct premium subscription model that Napster, Yahoo…

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It’s been quite…


It’s been quite surprising how “anti social” the majority of people are and they probably don’t even realize it. Is it simply because we all lead busy lives, have no time to look around and smile anymore, simply not interested in what is going on around us, or that if it doesn’t happen in our immediate space, it doesn’t exist? I think it’s probably a mixture of all four.

It’s a snow day here in Indiana today. Most people are deciding to stay inside. I decided to do the opposite and venture out for some daily vitamin D. (I mentioned that joke to my boyfriend before I left and he wasn’t very amused.) I live downtown and it’s pretty friendly here. Most people my age who retire downtown from the college life across the river are Purdue teacher assistants and the like. The demographic is a lot of twenty somethings trying to figure out life still, like myself.

On my walk to my favorite coffee shop, Star City Coffee and Ale House I passed two men. The first one was passive and mostly looked to his feet. I always try to make eye contact with people on the street because it gets me out of my comfort zone, even for a second or two. I smiled at the first man as he glanced up from the icy sidewalk. He saw my smile and quickly glanced down. “I tried at least”, I thought to myself.

As I was coming up to the coffee shop I passed another man with a coffee in his mitten who had obviously just come from my destination. Unlike the first man this one smiled big in my direction as we passed by each other. As soon as he smiled at me I did something astonishing, I managed a small grin and then hastily looked down to the icy sidewalk. As he passed I couldn’t believe I had just done what the first man had done to me when I was so confident to look someone in the eye and smile just minutes before.

What makes us do this? Why do strangers walking on the sidewalk feel the need to never interact in a meaningful way with one another? Why was I completely confident with someone who wasn’t and then turn around and be the opposite when someone else was confident?

I personally believe it’s something we learn. Growing up if we don’t see our parents or guardians acknowledge someone on the street just for the sake of doing so, then why would we once we’re grown enough to walk down the sidewalks of our town? It’s something that can be changed. But no change can ever occur without conscious effort. So, lets all smile at each other!


Quote taken from Linda Coles on LinkedIn

The optional fork in the road

We are scared of change. The unknown is almost like the two minutes you have to wait for a pregnancy test. You know full well what you want the outcome to be but fate isn’t always on our side. Sometimes you get one more line than you wanted to make your life spin out of control, just like when life gives you that one more shove to make you go back to what you’ve always known. The outcomes are opposite but, you get what I mean.

We can follow where fate brings us, or we can fight it with all of our might. In the end though we all come to the fork in the road where no matter which fork we take, we will get what we deserve. Fate is a powerful force and undoubtedly inevitable in my mind. We can make small changes but we will always come to where fate brings us because of the actions we choose.

My life has bared witness to more heartache than needed. But I earned every one of those heartaches because of my own actions. My actions were pure in the beginning. But due to something or someone in my life, I’ve made the same mistakes time and time again. Heartache is inevitable, just like fate, because of my actions. Something small can be changed to avoid all of this again. That’s all on me.

I hope that one day I will figure out why it is that a person so passionate about love can take it for granted so carelessly. Until then, my fork in the road is a career or love. I cannot have both due to my carelessness. I choose love every time. But this love is no longer guaranteed. A change must be made and I hope fate will allow me to make it, either in my actions or my path (the former will have to be made either way). I will also learn to not be so careless with another person’s heart along the way. Mine hasn’t been cared for properly, almost ever. It’s not my place to be careless with another’s.

Always remember the Golden Rule.

Appreciation, Admiration, Respect

I’m very passionate about love. If there were a world where Valentine’s Day was every day, I would be in first class celebrating with champagne on the first spaceship there.
Sometimes we can get blinded inside the things that we’re passionate about. We can lose sight of what made them so beautiful in the first place. We can sometimes take them for granted.

Reasons why I love the person I’m in love with:
1. He’s himself

The reasons why I love him don’t require a long list. He is who he is and I love it.
Love is not perfect. It isn’t the Aladdin and Jasmine carpet ride through the skies of Egypt. It’s a series of give and takes over and over again (sometimes numerous times on the same subject). Love should be effortless after countless efforts are made to make it that way.
I lost sight recently of how great the give and take process is in love. It’s a great process because of the end result; appreciation, admiration, and respect.

Request Denied

Thank you for your interest…

This is usually how the dreaded email from a potential employer who is politely letting you know that they do not want to work with you begins.
The same email I just received about 30 minutes ago.

I am fresh out of college. I didn’t graduate at the top of my class, I didn’t join 15 clubs, I wasn’t in a sorority, and I procrastinated getting work done most of the time. It’s safe to assume that I could have applied myself more. It is also safe to assume that now that it’s all over, I wish I would have applied myself more. Apparently graduating ‘mediocre’ from a top public university doesn’t guarantee the ‘American Dream’ anymore. I currently can’t gain employment through an entry-level job. Am I that mediocre that I can’t be trusted to travel around the country to sandwich shops to basically be a hands-on manager for a week?

I put my Facebook and Twitter links on my resume. Why, you ask? Because it is bullshit for me to feel as if I have to hide who I really am from an employer for them to want to hire me. My entire life almost is recorded online in some way. Not because I’m lazy, or because I have nothing better to do with my time. It’s because I genuinely enjoy it. I’m the person at family get-togethers who gets made fun of for being on Facebook all of the time at all hours of the day. But who do you think is reading my posts not even 20 minutes later?

I’m interesting, I have an opinion, I don’t look like every other woman my age, I don’t act like every other woman my age; I’m unique in every definition of the word. I also don’t care to hide that I think those things of myself. Therefore if a company is expecting me to have my Facebook deactivated or to have my name misspelled to lead them away from my online trail, then I probably don’t want to work for them anyway.
I believe our society is too caught up on censoring everything anyway, why in the world would I want to censor myself to follow suit?

The American education system failed me. That’s a another blog post saved for a strong opinion. At the beginning of college I was eager to learn, eager to blossom into the perfect student. In the beginning I succeeded at that. Then I eventually became unmotivated and that non-motivation became a habit. I loved to learn, still do to this day. But I wasn’t actually learning anything. I wasn’t being asked to apply myself. I was told to cram as much information into my brain as I could and then regurgitate onto a paper or electronic exam. I honestly couldn’t tell you a single communication theory I learned and communication is supposed to be my forte. I’m completely ashamed of that fact. But I don’t believe it was my fault. That isn’t just Attribution Theory in progress either. And yes I did have to look up the name of that theory.

I’ve heard many times that persistence is what gets you somewhere in life. Danny Devito once went through 1,000 interviews and got denied in every single one. So he went to 1,000 more. In the very last interview the person gave him a chance. And that’s all it took, just one chance from one person. (That is at least how the story was told to me by a great colleague of mine.) But shoot I’ll be honest, not being accepted for an entry-level position that I personally feel I would be over qualified for is a bit disheartening.

Nonetheless, if persistence is what it takes, persistence is what I will have. I may not have been motivated in school but my mediocre grades will not define who I am as a potential employee. The desire to learn and grow still burns inside me.
I’m also beginning to have serving nightmares due to working too much at a great local place in Lafayette where I live. If that isn’t motivation enough to be the best potential employee I can be, nothing will be.